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Why DIY Pressure Washing Can Be A Bad Idea

Diy pressure washing bad idea

Handling the pressure washing for your home sounds like a good idea, right? After all, it's just spraying your house with some pressurized water and soap. How hard can that be?

Actually, pressure washing is more involved than just spraying your house with water and soap. If you're unaware of some of the intricacies of the craft, DIY pressure washing is a very bad idea.

Mistakes Are Very, Very Costly

When you try to tackle pressure washing your house or other exterior surfaces on your own, the margin of error increases a great deal. Remember all of those horror stories about busted windows and damaged siding? You may be telling one of those yourself if you try to tackle pressure washing as a novice.

If you're afraid that hiring a pro is more expensive than doing it yourself, remember that the cost of extensive damage to your home can be far greater. Get a quote for our pressure washing services from one of our pros by giving us a call today - you may discover that our services are less costly than you think!

No Two Pressure Settings Are Alike

Many folks think you can pressure wash any house by spraying soapy water at it full blast. If you try this, you're asking for trouble.

Different surfaces require different levels of pressure to clean. For example, siding cleaning, which involves the cleaning of vinyl or wood, requires less pressure than driveway cleaning, which involves the cleaning of concrete. Cleaning wood or vinyl with the same spray pressure that you'd use for concrete can irreparably damage your siding.

Our pressure washing experts are extensively trained to use the pressure settings necessary to clean all surfaces safely and efficiently. This helps us clean siding, gutters, and other exterior surfaces with little to no risk of causing damage to your home.

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